Does permanent makeup hurt? DollFace uses 3 different topical numbing creams to keep you as comfortable as possible. We can not guarantee the procedure will be 100% pain free therefor if at anytime you feel the numbing is wearing off, PLEASE speak up so that more can be applied.  Many clients do not even know the procedure has begun, many actually fall ASLEEP. It feels nothing like getting a body tattoo.  

How long does Microblading last? Microblading can last anywhere from 1-3 years (with proper care) before a color refresh is needed. This depends greatly on your skin and how well you hold pigment as well as aftercare. If you are not using an spf as an example to protect your freshly microbladed brows, and are exposed to the sun regularly, then I will most likely see you in 1 year not 3. If you are using Retin A or a daily Glycolic wash on your brows, I will see you sooner than later. It is very important to follow after care as well as return for your refinement appointment in a timely manner. This will give your new brows a longer life before a color refresh is needed. 

How do I pick shape and color?  At your initial appointment, we go over pigments and shape together. I will test various custom blends of pigments across your forehead to match up with your skin tone and the hair you have. We will then choose a color together. Next, I will draw on one brow. You tell me what you like and don't like then I measure and brow map the other side, mirroring the first brow. I will have you look at your brows again and once you give me the go ahead, I will begin. The actual procedure is less than 45 minutes.

How do I care for my new brows? Aftercare will be gone over verbally prior to beginning the procedure. Written aftercare instructions will also be given to every client so they can reflect back on anything they missed during all the excitement and nervousness.

Is after care optional? NO!!!! In order to achieve your desired results, aftercare instruction need to be followed 100%. This means cleansing only as instructed as well as using Aquaphor and returning for your refinement appointment in a timely manner (4-8 weeks is the prime window). Not following instructions can result in additional appointments, or "not optimal" results. Please read your paperwork.

Is my natural hair removed before permanent makeup? NO. Any hair outside of your new brow design will be removed unless you prefer DollFace to leave it.

How long does the procedure take? Your consult/first application should take 2-2 1/2 hours. You will return for the refinement appointment 4-8 weeks later. This appointment is 1-1 1/2 hours.

How long will my new brows take to heal? Your brows will go through two healing phases, internal and external. The external healing ranges anywhere from 3-10 days. During this time it is extremely crucial to follow aftercare instructions to achieve your desired results. Internal healing takes a solid 4 weeks to complete hence the refinement appointment being a minimum of four weeks after initial application. The brows can not be touched until all healing is complete. You may feel your brows are playing the "disappearing act" during the internal healing. This is normal!!! Trust the process.

Is Microblading semi-permanent? The word semi-permanent in many cases is used to describe Microblading. The reason for this is that Microblading soften and fades over time unlike body tattoos. However, the microblading concept is the same as a body tattoo. Pigment is deposited into the skin. A manual hand tool is used verses a tattoo machine but color is implanted into the dermis. Microblading is an advanced form of cosmetic tattooing/permanent makeup/micropigmentation. If you do not receive color refreshes over time, the microblading will soften and in some cases will be undetectable over time. 

Is there down time after the procedure? Will I look crazy? NO!!! In most cases, you will be slightly pink initially, 1-2 hours. Occasionally there will be minor, temporary swelling which again lasts 1-2 hours. Some clients will form a white halo around the brow during the procedure which is caused from the numbing cream. This disappears as the numbing wears off, 30 minutes-1 hour after completion. On day 3 or 4 you may have some light shedding or flaking. This is normal and generally not noticeable to other people.

Will my brows be dark at first? Sometimes the brows will start off darker and lighten as they heal. This is not always the case.