Permanent Makeup Aftercare

After your permanent makeup procedure, there are a few do's and don'ts so that you can achieve your desired results. An aftercare kit with written instructions will be given to you at the time of your first application incuding Aquaphor and q-tips.

For brows, You will apply your first thin film of Aquaphor 1-2 hours after you leave you appointment. This initial 1-2 hours, is the ONLY time I want your brows to dry out. 

You do not need to cleanse the day of your procedure.

The day following your procedure, I want you to cleanse once a day using baby shampoo. I use organic. Do not use your all natural cleanser or sensitive face wash! You will not use a cloth or sponge, just the pads of your fingers. You will put a few drops of baby shampoo on your finger tips, add some water to form a lather and swipe in one direction, 5-6 times. Do not rub, scrub, pick, pull or scratch. After you have swiped the brows, splash to rinse and pat dry. Follow directly with a thin film of Aquaphor.

You will apply a thin film of Aquaphor daily, 3 times, more if needed. If the brows are feelin dry or tight, apply more. 

You will use the Aquaphor until external healing is complete, 3-10 days. Do not use Vaseline, coconut oil, Neosporin or any other lotion or ointment beside the Aquaphor.

You can not use any SPF during external healing so make sure to protect your new brows with a hat, big glasses, or umbrella until external healing has completed.

Do not wax or tint your brows until external healing is complete.

Once the external healing is complete, you can return to your regular cleansing routine. Keep in mind, all corrective skincare ingredients such as glycolic acids, lactic acids, retinols and so forth need to be kept off the brows as continued use will cause premature fading.

Your brows may peel or flake around day 3 or 4. Expect this, its normal. Do not pick pull or scratch. If the brows feel itchy, Put a q-tip in a bit of Aquaphor and gently push on the brow. This usually relieves the itch.

During external healing, do not use a steam room or sauna, no hot yoga, no hot shower beating on your face, no exercise for 24 hours. After 24 hours you can return to exercise but please no excessive sweating.

Do not apply ANY makeup to your new brows. Once external healing is complete, you may begin to fill if your brows become too light. Remember, after the first application the brows will fade 30-50%. This is normal. Be patient and trust the process. Key word, Process. Two appointments are needed. We have put in a great foundation that needs to be layered and refined.

I highly recommend carrying your aftercare bag with you during external healing. You do not want to get stuck somewhere with dry brows and run the risk of cross contamination using lotion or something else you are not suppose to use.

Once external healing is complete, you will want to keep a 30 or higher SPF with you. Too much direct sun with no SPF can prematurely fade your brows. Protect your investment.

If you swim regularly, use Aquaphor, Vaseline or an SPF to protect your brows.


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