Are you a permanent makeup artist wanting to specialize in microblading? Do you want to build confidence? Improve your skills? Come spend sometime with DollFace.

Marie, owner of DollFace is now offering a one on one shadowing/mentorship program for permanent makeup artists that have already completed the 132 hour required permanent makeup training. Many permanent makeup trainings offer a quick introductory to microblading, but that is it. This is all it is intended to be, an introduction. Once you understand the concept of permanent makeup as a whole and decide you want to specialize in microblading, let DollFace help you on the journey. Allow Marie to share her 6 years of permanent makeup and 3 years of microblading experience and knowledge with you.

When Marie completed her 132 hour fundamental permanent makeup training, she was left with a lot of unanswered questions about tools, applications, stroke patterns, pigments… name it. Marie began a quest to travel the globe, training with the best of the best. She has completed 100’s of hours of training and worked with thousands of clients. Marie is ready to share all this knowledge with you.

The shadowing/mentorship program is two, five hour days spent one on one. Please contact Marie at or 719-205-8587 for details.