What to expect after your Fibroblast Skin Tightening procedure and aftercare

The Fibroblast Skin Tightening procedure produces side-effects. The intensity and duration of your side effects depends on the treatment aggressiveness, treatment area and your individual healing characteristics. Generally, patients who are treated more aggressively experience more intense side-effects that can last longer. Notify your technician if your side-effects become a problem for you.

Swelling: You will notice most of the swelling on the morning after your treatment, particularly around the eyes. Swelling usually lasts 2-3 days however, if can last up to 3 weeks, depending on the intensity of the treatment and the healing ability of the patient. To minimize swelling, do the following:

Apply cold compresses up to 4 times the first hour after treatment. This will relieve inflammation and excess heat.

Please consult with your doctor about taking an Asprin or anti-inflammatory to help with residual pain or swelling in the treated area.

Sleep elevated the first night.

Redness: Most redness resolves 7-10 days after treatment. A “rosy” glow can remain for several weeks after the treatment, again, depending on your healing ability, age, medications, metabolism, etc.

Dry Skin: Your skin may feel dry, peel, or flake. You may notice a “sand paper” texture a few days after treatment. This is treated tissue working its way out of your body as new, fresh skin in regenerated.

Bronzing, Crusting and Small Dark Spots: A Fibroblast treatment causes destruction to microscopic cylinders of skin which then exfoliates during the healing process. Fibroblast can make the skin look bronzed or small, circular carbon crusts will appear (DO NOT PICK, SCRATCH OR REMOVE). Scratching or rubbing off any carbon deposits may result in hypo-pigmentation of the skin that may not be able to be reversed, as well as scarring. Please refrain from all scratching, rubbing and picking and treatment areas.

Aftercare is EXTREMLY important to achieve you desired results. An aftercare kit will be provided. It is of the utmost importance to follow this aftercare.

We recommend no makeup during the healing process over the carbon crusts. If you must wear makeup, a new container of mineral makeup is best.

When you leave your appointment, you must protect the treatment area from the sun. A big hat, glasses or umbrella can be used. No sunscreen can be used until the carbon crusts have fallen off.

Upon arriving at home, use the cold compresses if needed. Dab treated skin with Phyto+ green gel (do not rub into skin, push lightly), spray with Colloidal Silver and apply a thin film of Aquaphor. You can do this 4 times throughout the day.

The day after your procedure, use the cleanser provided. Splash face to dampen, create suds on your finger tips (clean hands) with the cleanser and dab the cleanser into the treated area, Do not rub back and forth over the treated area or use a cloth, sponge or the like. Splash the area to rinse and gently dab the skin to dry, carefully, not removing any carbon crusts. apply Phyto, spray Colloidal, dab Aquaphor.

Follow this the first 3 full days after the procedure. On day 4 and until the carbon crusts fall off, use the cleanser, colloidal, and very light on Aquaphor.

Once the carbon crusts have fallen off, you can begin using your daily cleanser and moisturizer (nothing harsh and no scrubs for 2 weeks). Continue using the colloidal silver spray 2 times per day and incorporate the Vitamin C provided 1-2 times per day. Only 1-2 drops of Vitamin C should be used per application depending on the size of the treatment area. A spf 50 sunscreen is extremely important at this time in the healing process. You must wear sunscreen if you are going to be outdoors. Apply every 2 hours. Be diligent with your sunscreen and protecting the treatment area. Use sunscreen for a minimum of 6 weeks post procedure and avoid tanning beds.

Retin A and bleaching creams can resume 6 weeks after treatment.